Business Tycoons and their dream houses

When it comes to Indian business tycoons, it is inevitable that they will own a luxury home, in many cases, more than one. This is due to the fact that they amass an immense fortune.

While pricey cars are one thing to go for, a house is what defines them as it gives an indication of their personality.

As well as owning large homes in India, many business tycoons have multiple homes located across the world. They go to stay at their other properties when travelling to these locations. As expected, all of these homes are at the pinnacle of luxury to meet their grand expectations.

Some of the magnificent famous people houses are:-

1.  Antilla – Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s Mumbai home, named Antilla, is deemed to be the world’s most expensive residential property after Buckingham Palace. Construction for the 27-story building was completed in 2010 and cost approximately £1.58 billion (Rs. 1.4 Kharab) to build.

The home offers a layer of protection to its occupants as it has been designed to survive earthquakes which can reach eight on the Richter scale. Antilla is the most expensive private residence in the world, establishing it as one of the most extravagant homes owned by an Indian business tycoon.

2.  Colaba Bungalow – Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is the former chairman of Tata Sons and former chairman of the Tata Group. The business tycoon owns a lavish bungalow in Mumbai’s Colaba area which is high-priced when it comes to real estate. It has three floors, however, each floor is divided into levels meaning that there are seven floors in total.

3.  Pali Hill – Anil Ambani

The Ambani family are known for their extravagant purchases. Anil’s home in Pali Hill, Mumbai is 66 metres high though Ambani originally wanted it to be 150 metres. There is a water reservoir that supplies water to almost all of the Bandra and Khar adjacent to his plot. The new building will also be in the flight path of planes taking off and landing at the airport.

4.  Carlton House – The Hindujas

Srichand Parmanand and Gopichand Hinduja are Indian born British billionaires who have been consistently ranked among the UK and Asia‘s wealthiest people since the 1990s.

Carlton Mansion is a six-storey property consisting of four interconnected Georgian houses and situated in the heart of London’s Westminister, near Buckingham Palace.

5.  Kensington Palace Gardens – Lakshmi Mittal

The businessman owns a property in Kensington Palace Gardens, deemed to be the world’s second-most expensive street. Although the mansion is a luxurious asset, it is not the only property on the street Mittal has owned. It has 12 bedrooms and was 14,736 square feet. The property was bought for Mittal’s son Aditya.